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Working on a farm often requires various pumping solutions to ensure efficient dewatering and other water removal processes take place. If you’re searching for diesel powered pumps for sale or dewatering pumps for sale that won’t let you down in the middle of important and involved work, our Durapower range will have you sorted out.

Our range of trailer pumps, dewatering pumps and diesel powered pumps for sale will make short work of any water-related agricultural work that you’re considering. We have pumps that can move up to 640 litres per second, which is nothing to sneeze at – but with our wide range of flow capacities, it’s no problem for us to scale our pumping solutions to suit your needs. Our range is considerably affordable, so we can provide suitable pumping solutions for all kinds of agricultural concerns, regardless of budgetary considerations.

All of our pumping products are fully Bluey Certified and sure to provide you with the most reliable and high-quality pumping service possible. We understand that time and efficiency is of the essence when you’re working on any kind of farming property, so we endeavour to create equipment that our customers can rely on in all kinds of conditions.

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